Carousel Online Slot Rating and Review

The new Carousel slot machine from Fugaso is ready to offer you a hit of nostalgia if you long for the days when the merry-go-rounds at your neighborhood amusement park were full of charm. Carousel will not only offer you a piece of that funfair charm but it will also pay you incredibly well for taking a ride thanks to its circus music, neon lights, and up to 720 ways to activate rewards. This is because Carousel has up to 720 ways to trigger prizes. This is one classic slot machine that you can play no matter where you are since it is accessible on mobile phones, desktop computers, and tablets.

Controls and Configuration for the Carousel Slots

Playing Carousel doesn’t need a lot of skill on your part. To get started, all you have to do is decide how much cash you are willing to pay on each round of the game that you play. Because there are no paylines, the wager on the slot machine is always the same: 20 coins. You may play with the lowest bet possible of 0.20 credits every spin if you use coins with a minimum value of 0.01 credits each. But if you want to boost your chances of winning greater rewards, you may play with a coin size of up to 1.5 credits and use a total of 30 credits in each round (20 coins multiplied by 1.5 credits).

The 720-ways mechanics are available in Carousel, which are not present in many “regular” slot machines. This is an advantage that Carousel offers. To win a reward from this slot machine, all you have to do is line up at least three symbols that are identical on reels that are next to one another, beginning with the reel on the leftmost position. It makes no difference where your symbols are located on the reels as long as they are next to one another. You may win rewards with as little as 4 ordinary symbols or as many as 8 regular symbols and 2 bonus icons. The rewards that are provided by the ordinary symbols range anywhere from two coins to two hundred coins, while the bonus wild symbol and the scatter symbol each have the potential to award even larger jackpots of up to five hundred and one thousand coins, respectively. When you play for real money, there are 720 different ways to win at any one moment, so you can only begin to fathom how many coins you may potentially win with just one spin.

No matter what kind of mobile device you like to use, you can still compete for all of these prizes and win them while you’re on the go. The majority of Fugaso’s slot games are HTML5 games that have been designed for play on mobile devices. As a result, these games are compatible with the vast majority of mobile devices running Android, Windows, and iOS. To begin playing on your phone, just flip it to landscape mode. Then, to manage your session, utilize the huge spin controls and the menu button.

Gameplay Based on a Carousel and Additional Bonus Features

Carousel by Fugaso is a slot game that is both visually appealing and comes with a number of exciting extra features. The wild symbol, which is represented by the clown and may take the place of any other symbol in the game (with the exception of the scatter), will provide you the greatest opportunities to win prizes. During the regular game, this symbol may appear on any of the game’s five reels; but, during the free spins bonus round, it can only appear on the third reel of the game’s three-reel layout.

You will need to have at least three scatter symbols appear anywhere on the screen before you can activate the free spins. Not only would such a winning combination provide you with a bonus cash reward, but it will also grant you five free spins to use on the game. You may also re-trigger the feature by accumulating three more scatter symbols while playing the free spins game. This will allow you to continue playing the game.

In the event that the Carousel slot game’s bonus of free spins is not sufficient to pique your attention, it also provides other opportunities to earn some more money, which just could do the trick. The first feature is the gamble option, which enables users to potentially increase their winnings by predicting correctly the color of the card that will be dealt next. The second and most alluring perk is the progressive jackpot award that may be won from the slot machine. No of the quantity of your bet or the number of times you spin the reels, there is always a chance that the random number generator may award one of the Mini, Midi, or Maxi levels of this particular Fugaso jackpot.


Fugaso’s Carousel is yet another entertaining video slot game, and it comes equipped with a respectable return to player percentage of 96.1 percent as well as the opportunity to win significant sums of cash. Because of its medium-to-high volatility, it is not a good slot machine for gamblers who wish to play for lengthy periods of time without spending a lot of money and seeing consistent minor wins. Because of its lower hit percentage, there is definitely opportunity for greater prizes to be won, but in order to claim such winnings, you will need to have the patience to wait. If you feel that this is not something you are willing to undertake, then maybe alternative slot machines offered by Fugaso are something you should check into.

Fugaso’s Horror Castle might be a fantastic place to start if you are looking for a slot machine that is less unpredictable. This particular online slot machine provides players with playing sessions that include a lower chance of losing money and are spiced up by extras such as re-spins and free spins games. The Fear the Zombies slot machine, which was modeled after the Walking Dead television series, is an option that is much more exciting. Fear the Zombies is a slot machine game with a medium level of volatility that offers a range of additional features, such as payout multipliers, free spins, and the same jackpot as Carousel. Visit one of our recommended casinos if you would want the opportunity to play one of the slot machines for real money.